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I love traveling and taking 'natural' photos, that is photos that haven't been set up or planned.

The idea is to see what everyone else sees but interpret my impression of it through the lens.

I only use natural light as well, no flash.




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Summer news

Now we’re approaching the end of Summer (don’t shoot the messenger!) it’s time to indulge yourself and dust off that expensive camera you bought but perhaps don’t get the best from. GET WILD! But before that, why not get out this weekend and see some of the best wildlife photography of the year. We’re having …

What is the best way to learn photography in the 21st Century?

When I taught myself photography 30 years ago, it was honestly easier to learn. Cameras were largely mechanical devices and the darkroom was an actual room. There was the camera, film and a physical print. Simple. Now, I’m sure I don’t really need to spend ages convincing you that photography is more complex now. Look …