Seven photos of my first son

"Portraiture allows a photographer to sculpt with light. A portrait need not be just a smiling representation of the subject but can allow interpretation of who that person is through careful placement of light, shade and expression. 

Even in the darkest, 'hardest' pictures here, Fred cannot completely remove a hint of a smile, revealing him for the kind young man he is.

In fact, the only photo he dislikes is no.5, taken while he was talking to me between shots. It makes him appear argumentative and therefore is not how he sees himself. The one he likes most is the final one.

It's nice that a young man likes a picture of himself where he is smiling and happy."

- Bill, January 16th 2020

Seven photos of my first son

Current Courses

Student photos and testimonials

Current Courses

Beginners' 6-week/9-lesson course

The course is designed specifically for people taking their first steps in photography. Whether you want to take photos of people, landscapes or architecture, this course will explain the fundamentals of photography to you.

The course consists of 9 x 2-hour sessions, 6 in the classroom, 3 outside ‘in the field’.

Cost: £160

Begins Tuesday 10th March 2020

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Intermediate 6-week course

Advance and consolidate your photography skills by learning new concepts and trying new types of photography. This course includes lessons in macro, studio and night-time photography.

The course consists of 6 weekly 2-hour sessions, 4 in the classroom, 2 outside ‘in the field’.

Cost: £110

March 2020 - date to be confirmed

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 1-2-1 private lessons

A  private lesson that covers any area of photography you wish to focus on.

If there is a specific area of photography that causes you difficulty, this is the session for you.

Alternatively, you might just prefer an individual learning environment to learn from the start.

Please email me using the form below with your details and three dates you can do the lesson on. I will then contact you to let you know which date I can attend at which point you can pay.

Cost: £40 per hour, minimum lesson length: of 2 hours

Coming up in 2020

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Day Courses - Photoshop/Lightroom


Cost: £110

Day Courses - Improve your landscape photography


Cost: £110

Day Courses - Studio Lighting and working with people/models


Cost: £150

Barcelona Trip - April 15th-19th 


Cost: £TBC

Private portraiture


Cost: £250 for a 3-hour session to include one print-ready digital image.

Extra prints £25 each.

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Rita Garner

"I now feel I have a thorough grounding in photography, based on Bill’s excellent teaching together with the practice/homework and the field trips taking photos together as a group.
The course has revived my love of photography."

James Barron

"Bill has taken my patchy, YouTube learnt Photography knowledge and taught me everything I need to know to take a great photo.
Bill is a great, patient teacher with a wealth of photography knowledge.
I cannot recommend Bill’s courses enough!"

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Course Location

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Unless otherwise stated, day clasess and full courses are held at:
Brighton Girls School, Cherub Room, Temple Gardens, Brighton, BN1 3AT

To register your interest, please send Bill an email using the form at the bottom of this page.


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Student photos

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Photo Collections

Welcome to my photo collections

I love traveling and taking 'natural' photos, that is photos that haven't been set up or planned.

The idea is to see what everyone else sees but interpret my impression of it through the lens.

I only use natural light as well, no flash, with the exception of portraits.





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About Bill

‘The camera in your hand doesn’t take a great photograph. You do.'

Bill is an award-winning graphic designer and has been a professional photographer for over 30 years.

He has enjoyed various roles from full-time house husband to three children, director of his own successful multimedia company, professional photographer and most recently, freelance design and marketing consultant.

He has worked for Sony as a Digital Imaging Specialist, fronting trade shows for Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Mobile. He has devised and carried out successful training courses for Sony, John Lewis, Harrods and Jessops.

He has exhibited his work extensively, selling his work privately and through his website. Bill ran his own Brighton Open House for five years and has exhibited in others homes as well.

He is fully qualified with a PTTLS Level 4 NCFE to teach Adult Education classes.

Bill strongly believes that anyone calling themselves a photographer should be judged by the quality of their work, not the cost of their kit or their technical knowledge alone.


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What is the best way to learn photography in the 21st Century?

When I taught myself photography 30 years ago, it was honestly easier to learn. Cameras were largely mechanical devices and the darkroom was an actual room. There was the camera, film and a physical print. Simple. Now, I’m sure I don’t really need to spend ages convincing you that photography is more complex now. Look …