Anita Corbin Exhibition

FREE EVENT for Brighton & Hove residents!

Anita Corbin First Women Exhibition:
2.30pm, Sunday, March 1st at Brighton Museum

I’ll be heading off to this exhibition and invite you to join me. I’ll be outside at 2.30 so will meet you there if you want to come along! Please sign up through the Meetup group (it’s free!) so that I know to expect you 😊

There’s no Meetup fee, it’s just a photo social!

Photographer Anita Corbin has spent the past 10 years taking pictures of 100 inspirational women. All of them are trailblazers, people who have been the first to do something previously only done by a man. Anita Corbin is a British photographer. Her collections and exhibitions include Visible Girls (1981) and First Women UK (2018). The National Portrait Gallery holds eight of her works.

‘It is my hope that women who dream big will look at these pictures and see that they are not alone.’ Anita Corbin

Discover and celebrate 100 pioneering women of the 21st century in this major exhibition by acclaimed photographer Anita Corbin. These striking images capture an impressive record of female achievement, from beatboxing to bomb detection, computing to cricket, blast furnaces to boardrooms.

Read about the Brighton Exhibition here and look at two of Anita’s earlier series below:


The original photographic series, Visible Girls by Anita Corbin portrayed the search for identity; the street-level self that was part of a tribe bonded by music, fashion and politics. 36 years later, Corbin’s Visible Girls: Revisited has called those original Girls back together, viewing those changed women through a modern lens.

View the collection here


Read about the First women project here

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