4 minute Photoshop


I run a 'live' online Lightroom and Photoshop course - not just a series of pre-recorded video lessons - and I've always felt it was unfair to expect students to pay for a course without ever having experienced the way a subject is taught by the tutor.

This short series of videos is designed to let you see just that. They are shot in one take, mistakes and all, so you can see exactly what an online lesson would be like.

I hope you enjoy them and as you might expect, a link to the full course details is at the bottom of this page.


Allow me to introduce myself to you and explain my approach to teaching for both these videos and in person.

Watch the video

The first question people ask is:
'Which should I use, Photoshop or Lightroom?'
Find out why for RAW file editing, it doesn't matter which you choose

Watch the video

Layers are at the core of Photoshop and are often explained in the way that Graphic Designers or Animators use them.

For Photographers, however, their use is completely different. Find out how.

The very first choice you make when editing a RAW image is where to edit it. But there are three different choices in Photoshop and/or Lightroom.

Sound confusing? It is. Find the best one to suit your workflow here.

Masks are one of the most useful tools a photographer can use but cause the most confusion to the uninitiated.

See clearly how they work here and download a free file with instructions to practice on.