Beginners Student Photos 2019

To my mind, one of the the best ways to judge a course's success is by the quality of the students' work. Below you'll find some truly excellent images taken by students of my 2019 Beginners' class during the 9-week course. I'm really proud of the work they've done.

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Emeline Perronno

"Bill's classes are clear and all questions are answered allowing us to make quick progress, creating a nice step-by-step understanding of the camera and how to compose great photography."
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James Barron

"Bill has taken my patchy, YouTube learnt Photography knowledge and taught me everything I need to know to take a great photo. I cannot recommend Bill’s courses enough!"
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Sue Braat

"I attended Bill's beginners photography course this year and really enjoyed it. By the end of the course I felt confident enough to use my camera on manual settings and knew how to compose a good photo."
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David Hoare

"I would highly recommend any beginners heading into intermediary levels, as I’m sure you’ll learn something new, and most importantly have a fun time as well! "
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Rita Garner

"I now feel I have a thorough grounding in photography, based on Bill’s excellent teaching together with the practice/homework and the field trips taking photos together as a group. 

The course has revived my love of photography.  Looking forward to the next course!"
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