3 days to go

It’s only three days to go before I leave the country on my first ever trip to the United States.
I’ll be over there for a month, part holiday, part photographic trip, part adventure.
I’m travelling alone, a fact that seems to fill the majority of people I tell with dread and the minority with envy. The truth is somewhere in between.
Do I like my own company that much that the thought of barely speaking to another soul for four weeks seems like heaven?
Of course not but travelling alone doesn’t mean you have to remain solitary.
Take my first five nights, spent in Los Angeles. Will I be staying in some soulless hotel, devoid of anyone but bored, tip-hungry staff and desk clerks bidding me to ‘have a nice day!’ whenever I leave my room?
No, I’ll be staying with an Emmy winning TV producer and her TV comedy writing partner in their Spanish Villa style home centrally located between Venice and Santa Monica.
Is this because I have a wide range of fabulously talented friends dotted strategically around the globe? Well, if you’re reading this and you know me, then you already know the answer to that is strictly in the negative.
It’s down to a fabulous website called airbnb.
It essentially pairs you up with people worldwide who are either renting part or all of their homes or owned property for a price far cheaper than most holiday companies. You deal with the home owners themselves and they offer a greater or lesser range of services to suit your wants. My hosts make an entire floor available to you, feed you breakfast, have a cook and let you have share of their house with them. It’s my first time in LA and a little friendly, local advice is most welcome. Plus, let’s be honest, they sound fascinating in themselves.
I could, of course, go into more detail but it’s easier to go and check it out for yourself. So click on the link above and think about where you’d like to spend that next holiday.
In my next post I’ll let you into the secret of an instant social life. It’s a corker.