So, what exactly does one do on an 11.5 hour flight?

Well, the first thing is move the people who are sitting in your seat into the right ones. Silly persons.
The next thing is is to get comfy, spread out a bit once you realise you then have an entire row of three seats to yourself and decide which in-flight movie you want to watch. There will be more than one – at the time of typing, I still have eight hours to go – but the first was The Princess Bride, a minor classic penned by William Goldman from his book and possessed of a charm sadly absent in the majority of modern films. No, that isn’t me being nostalgic. It is sadly true. If you haven’t seen it, you really are missing out on a gem.
The second is to find some audio you like – the Pink Martini Saori Yuki album for me – discover that you cannot use Bluetooth devices on a plane in case doing so brings them tumbling down from the skies and then sit down to write an entry in your blog to help pass the time away. We’ve had lunch which I have to say was rather nice. Chicken, if you must know. I avoided the fish having watched Airplane! a couple of nights before departure. You haven’t seen Aiplane! either? Jeez, next thing you’ll be telling me you dont know who Bruce Campbell is…

16:50 UK/08:50 US
‘Insanity doesn’t run in my family… it practically gallops!’
Arsenic and Old Lace was my second movie choice, Frank Capra’s wonderful black comedy starring Cary Grant. And there’s still 4.5 hours to go…
I’ve taken a few walks, had a five-minute stretch and a bit of a sleep. The good thing is the flight is shorter coming back 🙁
Picking up the car went smoothly with one difference that I’ve never encountered before. When the paperwork was completed, the man behind the counter said ‘Go out the door to the car park and just pick the car you want. They all have keys in them.’ As you leave the premises, they scan your documents and a tag on the car windscreen and match the two of you up. Cool.
I’ve been up for 19 hours straight now (eleven of which were the flight) and it’s only five in the afternoon here. I’m going to take myself for a long walk to Venice Beach, get myself an early supper and then return for an early night. I’ll take myself back to the beach tomorrow with my camera gear and start exploring LA proper.

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