Coronavirus Update


While children begin their return to school in September the effect on Adult Education classes will be considerably more long-lasting.

All schools will be cleaning the classrooms daily at the end of a school day in preparation for the students return the following day. This means that adult education classes will not be allowed back into schools for quite a while as the cost of cleaning again after these classes – effectively deep-cleaning the school twice each day, the second time late into the night -  is prohibitive.

As such, tutors like myself have to find other ways to teach.

My classes are based on a 9-lesson format: 2 lessons in the classroom followed by the 3rd lesson in the field.

The irony of Coronavirus is that while we can meet in groups of up to 30 people outside, we cannot meet even in small groups in a classroom.

Because of this, I have spent the Summer doing two things:

1. Modifying my classroom-based lessons to suit teaching online;

2. Creating a home broadcasting studio to deliver these lessons to a very high standard in preparation for ‘Live Learning’.

‘Live Learning’ means that we will simply do the classroom lessons online together and meet every third lesson in the real world just as we normally would.


The basis of my classes has always been that I would introduce you to a specific creative or technical aspect of photography during each lesson. We would then practise these in class through exercises I would set up in the classroom. Then you would receive homework that would help you practise that technique or skill further in your own time outside. Piece by piece, your knowledge would build up quickly and logically.

As you can probably see from the structure of the lessons, all of this is still possible with online teaching. The only change – apart from not being in the same room with each other – is that I have modified the classroom exercises so that they can be carried out in your home with a minimal amount of preparation by you.

Before each lesson you will receive a sheet with a short list of items needed for the following weeks lesson - all common items you will have in your home which enable you to carry out the exercises there.

You can learn the techniques in your own home just as well as you can in the classroom – in fact, many of you may feel more comfortable learning this way – with me on hand to talk you through what you are doing and answer all your questions just as if we were in the classroom together.

Just as before, you will then be given homework which you upload to your own private folder online where I can see it before the next lesson. Every third lesson we would continue to meet in the field and practise in the real world. Strict social distancing rules will apply to these sessions.

Obviously, we would all rather meet in person every week but the reality is that this will not be possible for a long time. To continue learning, we must all adapt and online teaching is already becoming the new norm with school teachers now being asked to carry out a large percentage of their classes remotely.

Adult educators are very much being left to find their own way but my career as a graphic designer and software creator, along with my teaching and presenting background means that I feel very comfortable using the technology required to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

Please email me with any questions you may have.