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My courses were due to run between March -June. Due to the unpredictable nature of the situation, any long-form courses not already started will be postponed until it is clear what is happening.

With luck, I'll be up and running again over the Summer and hopefully back to classroom-based courses in September.

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Bill Black

Studio Lighting and Portraiture - £95

Class limited to 8 places

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Although we will be working in a studio environment for convenience, the course is designed with the intention of you being able to take professional shots either at home or in a studio, without the need for masses of space and overly expensive kit.

Like all things photographic, the subject of off-camera flash can seem immensely complicated. The range of lights, modifiers and fixtures in portrait photography can seem bewildering, expensive and confusing but if you’ve ever been interested in taking high-quality portraits, still-life or any type of professional-looking shots either at home or in a studio, then this course has been specifically designed with you in mind.

From the moment you take your camera out of the bag, through the setting up of lights and modifiers to viewing your shots on a pc, you’ll be guided step-by-step through the entire lighting and portraiture process, having everything clearly explained and demonstrated for you as you get fully hands-on and set-up and take shots yourself.

You’ll be introduced to the different types of lights used, the varieties of modifiers for them and learn how to use controllers, reflectors and light meters. You’ll learn all about TTL and HSS modes and get to use gels, snoots, honeycombs and all the tools of the trade.

We will then ‘build’ several types of shot from scratch using both male and female subjects and utilising a wide variety of different lights, modifiers and styles.

This will be followed by learning how to transfer those skills into taking portraits of friends and family who are often uncomfortable in front of the camera. You will learn ways to put them at ease and help them to pose so that they look good on camera.

We will also take a look at and use Capture One software, used by the vast majority of professional photographers for portrait shoots.

So if you’ve ever been curious about how high-quality lighting effects are achieved or have found the whole notion of flash frightening or overly complicated, come along to 1-day course and have it explained to you in a relaxed and supportive environment, where you’ll have fun learning with others.

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Rita Garner

"I now feel I have a thorough grounding in photography, based on Bill’s excellent teaching together with the practice/homework and the field trips taking photos together as a group.

The course has revived my love of photography."

Matt Smith

"This course is a must for any aspiring photographer. Bill will take you through the fundamental elements of composition, camera control and even some handy hints on Photoshop and raw editing.

A word of caution though; if Bill can’t improve your picture taking then no one can!"

Emeline Perronno

"Bill’s classes are clear and all questions are answered allowing us to make quick progress, creating a nice step-by-step understanding of the camera and how to compose great photography.

I definitely recommend it!"

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