Intermediate Course

Intermediate 6-week Course - £110

Next course starting March 2020.

Class limited to 10 places.

Intermediate Creative photography course.


Now you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to broaden your photography experience.

This course is designed to allow you to explore different styles of photography that you would not be able to experience on your own. It incorporates a number of controlled ‘live shoots’

You’ll be introduced to 3 different photography ‘specialisms’ , along with post-production/digital darkroom skills using Photoshop, Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

The specialisms are:

1. Studio lighting and portraiture;

2. ’Live shoot’ photography;

3. Specialist photography (incorporating macro and night-time shoots);

Each specialism is taught across three lessons, made up as follows:

Lesson 1: An introduction to the subject.
Classroom and exercise based

You will be introduced to the camera techniques and shooting practices required for the specific specialism. As with the Beginners’ lessons, this will involve both PowerPoint examples, discussion and hands-on practice in the classroom (prior to the live shoot) to ensure you understand the concepts involved in the specialism and know how to use your camera in the best way to capture the shoot.

Lesson 2: Live shoot

A ‘live shoot’ will be set up for you to utilise those skills in a real-world environment. We will be setting up and shooting ‘clients’ in a studio environment, photographing dancers live-on stage and experiencing external, night-time shooting capturing light trails, along with exploring a variety of macro photography.

These live shoots are fully controlled and set up in or around the school. Teaching in a school allows access to a photography studio and working, full size stage where we can create these events on site while also allowing us full control over them.

This provides you with an unprecedented learning environment for practicing new photographic skills.

Lesson 3: Post-production skills using your own images

Each specialism requires different skills in the darkroom and each 3-week block ends with a session in the school’s computer lab with access to a computer preloaded with all the software required for the course. You do not need to own the software to partake in this course.

The first hour will see us work on a photo together, to introduce you to the editing concepts involved in post-production. The second hour you will work on your own photos from the previous session under my supervision.

This intermediate course allows you to learn the workflow to take your photography from pre-production, through a full shoot, to post-production and output for print or web.

You will also experience different styles and types of photography which might otherwise not be available to you, all in a controlled environment under the guidance of an experienced instructor.


You will also be required to have some kit available for the macro session towards the end of the course.

You may find that you already have a macro facility on one of your lenses (the lens will be marked ‘macro’), in which case you will not need any other equipment.

If not, you will need to purchase a set of extension tubes for your camera. These typically retail at around £20-25. You can get further clarification in the earlier lessons.


You must have a full understanding and control of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. You must be able to take photographs on fully manual mode.

You must have experience of using the above creatively to control how your image looks.

You must be familiar with your camera’s menus and settings.

You will need a tripod and obviously a camera with full manual operation.

If you have any questions, please email me at

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7.00pm-9.00pm,  commencing March 2020, date TBC

Brighton Girls School, Cherub Room, Temple Gardens, Brighton, BN1 3AT

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