How to add a second monitor or TV to your Windows laptop or PC

Adding a second screen to your Windows laptop or PC is much easier than you think it is.

For a start, it doesn’t have to be a specific PC monitor. If you have a TV you can hook your PC up to it and use it as a second screen.

This is the best way to take the online Lightroom and Photoshop course that I run because in this way you can see me hosting the lesson and follow the instructions by watching them on the TV while using the software as normal on your own laptop or PC.

Flip through the slideshow below or simply download the PDF.

If you don’t have an HDMI cable , they’re very cheap and you can pick them up in most supermarkets. Here’s an Amazon link for one. They come in lengths of approximately one to fifteen metres starting at around £5.00.

If you are using a Mac, please follow these instructions from Apple support.

Download a PDF of these instructions by clicking here or on the image below.