Taster Session

£10 Taster Session

Join me for a 90-minute taster lesson, where I’ll cover some basics of photography and discuss what a full course would entail.

It’s your opportunity to try the course before you commit to the full thing.

You can see me giving a tutorial in the video below, one of a number I made for Sony while employed as a Digital Imaging Specialist.

Book onto the full course, 50% of the cost of this taster session will be refunded against it.
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What will the taster session involve?

The session is designed to give you a range of shortened examples of what will happen in the full classes.

After introducing myself to you, I’ll:

  • Run through the full course overview and give a brief description of a number of the major points we will cover in a beginners’ class.
  • Show you how to see your camera in a new light, making it seem less confusing.
  • Do a hands-on 30-40 minute practical session, so you can see exactly how you will go on to learn the fundamentals of using and understanding your camera. You will leave this brief session having learned a new skill.
  • Touch briefly on the subjects of composition, camera settings and software.
  • End with a Q&A session, to allay your fears, satisfy your curiosity and kindle your enthusiasm.

Bring your camera and a pen and paper with you. You don't have to bring a camera for this session but you will not be able to fully participate in the practical session without one.

The full Beginners’ course runs for 9 weeks. Each session will last two hours.

You will learn to feel comfortable with your camera.

You will learn the basic, important settings and understand how they affect the photographs you take.

You will have proficiency in operating your camera to a level where you can control those settings and take better photos than you do now.

Why my classes are different:

There is a big difference to doing something in a nice warm classroom while you’re seated with your tutor and doing it half way up a freezing cold mountain on your own.

After every two classroom sessions, there will be a weekend field session . We will visit a local site for you to get used to using your cameras in a real-world situation with me to guide you. We will then review your photos in class at the following lesson.

Field sessions are crucial to you getting comfortable with using your camera. That’s why, with my classes, they make up a third of your lessons.

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About Me
I am an award-winning graphic designer and have been a professional photographer for over 30 years.
I worked for Sony as a Digital Imaging Specialist, fronting trade shows for Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Mobile, where I devised and carried out successful training courses for Sony, John Lewis, Harrods and Jessops.
I have also taught privately.
My work has been exhibited extensively and has been sold privately and through my website.
I am fully qualified to teach Adult Education classes with a PTTLS Level 4 NCFE20

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